Chapter 8 - FLOW 93.5 part 2

Three days into my dream job, my show was cancelled.  My co-host fired and I was offered a production job, which would have eventually led to me getting back on air, which I let my ego get the best of me once again, and I turned it down.  

I was crushed.  This was one of the lowest points in my life and I had no idea what to do.  I was scared to death and extremely depressed.  The thing I wanted more then everything, the thing I worked harder then anyone to obtain, my dream job, was lost.  All due to my own arrogance, my own ego and my own stupidity.  I personally ruined the one thing I wanted more than anything.

And while all this was happening, my girl-friend, now wife, was 8 months pregnant.  And one month after I was taken off air, the worst day of my life, I experienced one of the greatest moments ever, the birth of my first daughter, Kiera..

As excited as I was, I was also terrified.  I’d literally go through moments of extreme joy, to bouts of deep, dark depression, within minutes of each other.  I had no income and I was now a father.  I had to snap out of it fast.  So, I put my tail between my legs and called my old employer and within a couple of weeks, I was back on the phones at the call centre.  Making a living.  I quit DJ’ing…forever.