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Chapter 4 - The Prodigy Sound Crew

Grade 12 I returned to Agincourt and one of the first people I connected with was Paul Jones.  We knew each other from my first stint, yet really bonded my second time around.  Like myself, he was a Hip Hop junkie and we shared a love for the music.  We were both collecting vinyl and I introduced him to Troy, and together, with another kid, Kenon Carol, we decided we would start a sound crew.  We couldn’t agree on a name, so I began to flip through the pages of a dictionary, and the first page it landed on was “P” and as I read down the page I saw it, “Prodigy”.  The Prodigy Sound Crew was born.

We weren’t very organized to start.  With Troy attending another school and Kenan not always available for practice or what we called “spinfest”, the sound crew went from 4 to 2 rather quickly.  It took awhile, but I was able to collect enough birthday / christmas / chore money to finally be able to purchase a pair of Technique 1200’s.  The more we practiced, the better we got and we started playing small house-parties, talent shows and school dances through-out Scarborough and Markham with regularity.  

Thursday’s where new record days at Traxx Records on Yonge St. in downtown Toronto, when the new music shipments would come in.  We didn’t have a lot of cash, yet every Thursday we would travel by subway downtown to see what we could get our hands on.  Thursday’s at Traxx were not just about the records, but about the community.  I met many DJ’s who would become friends and people I really respected.  Soundquest, Starting From Scratch, Roc Brigade, JLJ, Peter and Tyrone, Skimpy Boy, etc.

During this time, Paul’s uncle ran a small wedding DJ company called “Jay-Dee Productions” and because we could mix and we needed somewhere to play, he brought us on board to cater to his younger clientele.  So for two summers, every Saturday we would be playing weddings.  The money was good for a high-school kid ($200 a night) yet the last place either of us wanted to be on a hot summer night was at a wedding.  We wanted something more…

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