Michael inside the 89.5 CIUT studios.

Michael inside the 89.5 CIUT studios.

Chapter 5 - 89.5 CIUT “Worldwide”

Paul and I got word that the University of Toronto radio station, 89.5 CIUT was desperate for volunteers.  So, we threw our hat in the ring and started volunteering at the station on St. George.  We started off as receptionists.  I would handle Monday’s, Paul would handle Wednesday’s and our job was to answer the phones and do whatever menial jobs the station staff needed.  We did that for about 6 months, and through that time we got to meet and connect with the station manager, the sales team and most importantly the program director, Mopa Dean.

One Wednesday afternoon, we got word that someone could’t make their show the following Monday morning.  We immediately told Mopa that we could fill in, and he said yes.  So the following Monday, we got there early, carrying our turntables and records up three flights of old creaky stairs, and set-up in the studio.  I was attending Seneca Collage for Radio and TV Production, so I was already comfortable running the board and speaking on the mic, and I knew what to say and when to say it.

Once the show was done, we were extremely happy with how we performed, but we could have never even imagined what happened next.  Mopa Dean stepped through the door and said “that was amazing!  One of the best shows I’ve ever heard!  We’re in the process of changing the the schedule and want to add some more shows, and your one of them.”  

Paul and I were shocked!  We were getting our own show!  It was like a Made for TV Movie; we couldn’t believe! it  About a month later, we where on-air and “Worldwide” was born.

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