Chapter 7 - FLOW 93.5

One of my old voice teachers once told me that once you reach the top, that is when you need to work your hardest.  As that’s when all eyes are on you and there will be people who want to knock you down.  Everyone wants to take out the guy on top!

After about 5 years on “Worldwide”, I started to get tired of the night-club and radio scene and decided to get a “real job” inside a call centre for a mobile phone company.  About two years into the job, I heard that there was auditions for a new urban radio station in Toronto, Flow 93.5.  With my background in radio, having graduated with honours from Seneca college for the radio / television program, and having studied voice and improv, I thought I would take a shot.

Flow received over 500 demo tapes, and out of those 500 I was chosen as one of the top four personalties and was hired to be the primary host for their morning show.  I was ecstatic!!!! I landed my dream job!!!!! 

When I got the position, I thought “this was it!  I’ve finally made it!  I’m BIG TIME!”  I was living the high life.  I was being driven around in limousines, had parties thrown in my honour and made the front page of the entertainment section of the Toronto star. 

You thought my ego was big before?  Ha, not even close!  I really thought I made it, that I was the man and that nothing could bring me down.  But, forgot about the advice I was gaven, and stopped working.  I did all the necessary hard-work to get  put into that position - yet, didn’t do the work to stay there - I let my ego take over.  Instead of learning how to operate the new sound board, I would just chill out all day.  Instead of doing my voice exercises, I would do nothing but think of all the riches and fame coming my way.  Instead of doing my pre-show warm-up and prep, I would just show-up and hope for the best.  I was a star, and this is what stars do...

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