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Graydon Hall Manor DJ

Graydon Hall Manor DJ

"I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Coombs for more years than I can count. In that time Michael has always conducted himself with a degree to professionalism that is significantly elevated from most of his peers. He is the polished, professional, and impeccably polite. He takes tremendous pride in every single event he works. He is perfectly prepared for each and every event (never "winging it"). And he is focused on ever improving his craft and the range of services he offers. He also takes care of the venues he works in, and respects the rules and regulations, load-in procedures, and set up times. This may seem like a small detail, but if these details are ignored an event can get off to a rocky start. That's absolutely never the case with Micheal Coombs. He is a true professional and I would recommend Micheal to any client with perfect confidence."

Nicole Pieckenhagen - Managing Director
Graydon Hall Manor

Graydon Hall Manor is one of my favourite venues to play in Toronto and my parties there are always on point!  The space is so inviting that the dance-floor fills up fast and guests, young and old(er) always have a great time.  Take a look at what your wedding could be and enjoy!

Special thanks to Joee Wong,  Ikonica, Barb of Tara McMullen Photography, Samantha Ong, Carmin Davidson and Elizabeth in Love for the phenominal photos.